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i wish this weekend didnt end on Sunday
Monday, June 10, 2013

There are always days and moments that I wish it would never end.
This weekend (that just ended) was one of them.

Albeit the week didnt start on a good note. I got a little affected at some thing that happened at work... a mistake that I felt I should not have committed at this stage and one that could have been prevented. But anyways, it's over. I was and still am very thankful and touched by the concern showered upon me by my team and also another associate director from the tech team. It was a lousy start to the morning but.. the good dinner with the one that matters made all things well again.

I'm easily bought over with ice-cream la. HAHA.

So back to this weekend.

It was Jay Chou's concert and judging from this look of mine, I am sure you can sense my excitement too!

According to him, I had this super excited look the entire time and he was very amused at it.
Deep down, I'm just thankful he finds it amusing and not annoying.

I always had this secret little dream where I would go watch my favourite concert with my favourite person. I never expected this to come true. Even though I bought the tickets, I told him that if he doesnt want to go, it's okay, I can always sell it off. He still insisted on coming with me even when it meant he had to turn down attending one of his closest friend's surprise birthday party.

More importantly, I am very thankful for his companionship to the concert. And I literally melted when Jay Chou sang 安静, and he took my hand in his and sang with all his heart. Not that the song meant anything special (the song is damn sad please) but the fact that he could actually sing along to one of his songs and enjoyed the concert, meant more than anything.

After a night of excitement and early morning news monitoring, he gently woke me up from my nap and led me by the hand to the table where ta-dah! there was breakfast prepared!

Okay, so he may not have cooked the eggs himself, but hey, Sundays are not complete without MacDonald's breakfast.

I really am thankful and blessed. Such little moments, I really appreciate and treasure.

Now, I just wish that I can do more for you. I want to be there for you in good times and in bad. I wish with all my might, that I can help you in more ways than one and you to have His joy and peace within you. That, is my daily prayer for you.

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