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be with me
Sunday, December 16, 2012

There are some days where the weather makes you feel like curling in bed with a good book or with a laptop showing a good movie and be taken away from reality.

December is such a rainy month. And today is such a day that all I wanted to do was to watch a movie, an old movie in fact, that will warm my little heart.

Eric Khoo's 2005 feature film 'Be With Me' was the chosen title. The 93 minutes film does not have much dialogue. But somehow, it speaks more than any other film. The film was Singapore's official entry for the Oscars.

"Be With Me" is a tapestry of three stories on love and solitude. The stories are then linked together by a fourth story, that of Ms Theresa Lee. Ms Theresa Lee is a blind and deaf woman, she shares her story in this film where each event weaves into the core of the film's three scenes.

1)An aging, lonesome shopkeeper doesn't believe in life any more since his wife died. But he is saved from desperation by reading an autobiographical book and meeting its author, a deaf and blind lady of his own age.

2)Fatty, a security guard in his fifties, lives for two things : good food and love for a pretty executive working in the office building that he used to guard. He buys a tacky rose-printed paper and plucked up his courage to write a love letter to her. He is a soft-hearted giant who is bullied by his brother and father. Never one to raise a violent finger, he seeks solace in food.

3)Two teenage schoolgirls get to know each other on the Internet. The younger girl asked if the older girl will ever have kids. She replied no, because she does not want to be like her weird mother. The older girl taught the younger girl how to be a woman and watched with pride as she sees her dancing and blossoming. The younger girl soon fell for a guy and ignores the older girl. The older girl is tortured by her desire and attempts to end her life. She survives and the one beside her, is her mother.

I would have love to gone on to share more about the nuances of the film that touched me so much that it had me bawling at 2.45am in the morning with the rain pitter-pattering behind me. But it would be too much of a spoiler.

And somehow, typing the film out in words does not do it justice. You would need to watch it to understand the sad beauty of it all.

What dreams do not die?
True love lives on even when the bodies don't.
---------------- "Be With Me", Eric Khoo, 2005

I guess, on a rainy day like this, all I needed was to join the skies together in letting the raindrops fall, freely.

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